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Wondering how video marketing can be used to up your real estate business game? Earlier in June, AffinityMotions had the pleasure to be part of a Property Agent Engagement Event organized by Far East Hospitality at Oasia Novena Hotel on 4th Jun 19!

For those who missed out the event, invest 30 mins to watch the video above of our entire sharing. Gain insights on the video marketing trends and learn tips to overcome barriers stopping you from doing video marketing! We are happy to share with agents across various agencies how video marketing can be used to build their branding, and how they can get started if they haven’t done so!

If you are convinced of the benefits of video marketing after watching, start leveraging on videos to add a valuable arsenal into your marketing mix and gain a branding advantage in the second half of the year by staying ahead of the competition! ​​Get in touch with us for us to share more or have a no-obligation discussion to see how video marketing can work for you, we're always open to having coffee!
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<![CDATA[The One Reason Why Singapore Property Agent's Personal Branding Is Important: Be Worthy In The Eyes Of Potential Clients!]]>Fri, 10 May 2019 03:47:26 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/the-one-reason-why-singapore-property-agents-personal-branding-is-important-be-worthy-in-the-eyes-of-potential-clientsPicture
I'm sure by now you would have watched Avengers: Endgame, and either had a good laugh or cry together over Thor's circumstances after 5 years of wallowing in self pity. Back to reality, whether you're new to game, or are an experienced real estate agent, are you STILL WORTHY to be a potential client's property agent in their hearts and minds? People don't care about you until you can show them why they should care! 

Singaporean's Property Obsession
HSBC's latest 2019 Beyond the Bricks Survey with 1,000 Singaporeans polled reveals that they spend 3X the amount of time searching for the property rather than reading bedtime stories to their children. Singaporean's obsession for property has not subsided despite ongoing cooling measures by the government. 

Even when they aren't ready to sell or buy a new home, an average of 3.29 HOURS WEEKLY is spent doing property window shopping, such as reading property magazines or trawling through online listings, while extreme Singaporean property addicts spend more than 7 hours each week!

Impulsive Property Purchases
Although property may be a huge purchase, Singaporeans are often impulsive. 36% decide on a property based purely on 1st impressions. 75% would personally see five or fewer houses before buying their first home. Being worthy in Singaporean's eyes needs investment on your personal branding! When they become in the market, why should they CHOOSE YOU instead of the other almost 30,000 agents in the market? 
Win Mind Share Of Potential Future Clients Now
This makes personal branding a very important task as a forward-thinking real estate agent to be the first one to come to their mind when they're ready to buy or sell. What better way to GAIN MIND SHARE of future potential clients, other than video marketing? Don't wait until 5 years later like Thor wondering if you're still worthy, let us know your thoughts!
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry. Contact us at +65 97242738, Whatsapp or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
<![CDATA[​The Singapore Real Estate Agent Beginner's Guide To Starting A Youtube Channel]]>Tue, 23 Apr 2019 09:07:01 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/the-singapore-real-estate-agent-beginners-guide-to-starting-a-youtube-channel
Besides posting videos on your Facebook personal profile, Instagram or Facebook Business Page, where else can your Singapore property listing video, home tour, profile video or client testimonial video be posted to reach a wider audience? Of course, it naturally has to be YouTube!

Impressive Singapore Youtube Statistics
Don't think that Youtube is simply a video platform for watching all your favorite videos, it is also the world's second largest search engine just behind Google. In Singapore, the total number of YouTube users in Singapore is estimated to be more than 4 million, following closely behind Facebook's 4.8 million users. Free online video, such as YouTube, is being watched by 76% of connected consumers in Singapore daily according to research by Google together with Kantar TNS, making it a platform you absolutely should not neglect for your long-term branding!

Style Yourself As A Property Expert
Although consumers have shorter attention spans nowadays, Youtube's popularity as the platform of choice for free online video content makes it suitable for longer form videos such as educational and tutorials to better build your brand. With the opportunity to engage a large audience, build better relationships with your community, it is the ideal platform  to style yourself as the subject matter expert for all property matters!
How Do You Create A Youtube Channel?
If you have a Google Account, you can already watch, like videos and subscribe to channels on Youtube. If you don't, you'll need to create one by following the instructions here. The next step to creating your new personal channel is simply to do an action such as uploading your video by following the instructions here, and you will automatically be guided to create your own channel! 
Upload A New Youtube Video
Embed Your Youtube Videos Onto Property Portals & Websites
If what you've uploaded is your new property listing video, what you probably would like to do next is to embed the video onto your property listing on portals for eg. Propertyguru.
Step 1) Click On Share
Step 2) Click On Embed
Step 3) Copy The Embed Code
Step 4) Paste Code Into Embedded Videos Textbox On Propertyguru Portal Listing Upload Page 
By following above steps, your Youtube video can be shown alongside your property photos and floorplans on the property portal. There will be a play icon on the cover image of your video to alert property seekers that your listing has video content! This method can also used to post your video on any other website that supports code embedding.
Customizing Your Channel Appearance
As you upload more videos to Youtube and start gaining subscribers, you can also think of customizing the layout of your channel so as to make it visually more attractive and make it easier for them to see what they want to see when they visit your page! This can be done by following the instructions here
Of course, what we've shared above is just a beginner's guide to creating your own Youtube Channel to build your own real estate branding. There are even ads you can do to reach out to a bigger target audience on Youtube but that'll be a topic for another day! Don't hesitate to create your Youtube Channel and start by embedding your uploaded videos on your chosen property listing platform first. Besides, when you engage us to do videos, it will already be featured on AffinityMotions' Youtube Channel with over 1,500 subscribers, helping you reach out to over 40,000 unique viewers, with over 15,000 impressions on our posted videos per day organically without any extra cost to you!​

​Get in touch with us for us to share more or have a no-obligation discussion to see how video marketing can work for you, we're always open to having coffee!
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry. Contact us at +65 97242738, Whatsapp or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[​The Singapore Real Estate Agent Beginner's Guide To Video Marketing Using Facebook Ads]]>Fri, 19 Apr 2019 09:06:30 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/the-singapore-real-estate-agent-beginners-guide-to-video-marketing-using-facebook-adsPicture
A big congratulations for getting your Singapore Property Video done, be it a property listing video, home tour, profile video or client testimonial videoAs a progressive and trend-following Singapore Property Agent, you probably would have already posted it up on your Youtube, Facebook personal profile, Instagram or even your own Facebook Business Page! However, besides rallying (or cajoling) all your friends, family, colleagues, associates or anyone remotely related to help like and share your video, your video reach will still be very limited!

Or better still, reach out to not just random people, but a very targeted audience for your video! If you're just starting out with few initial followers, the best option is to start doing Facebook Video Marketing doing sponsored ads, there's no other way around! 

The easy way out is always to pay people to do it for you, costing you a fixed monthly overhead from possibly a few hundred to possibly thousands a month to hire a freelancer or even an actual digital marketing agency. The hard truth is, even after paying them for their services, not even counting your actual ad spend yet, few agencies actually guarantee you the results you desire! So if you prefer not to waste money with this uncertainty, or are just starting out and like to save some costs by DIY-ing, no worries, as it's easy to start out on Facebook Video Marketing by yourself!

Video Ads are advertisements you see on Facebook, Instagram or its audience network partner platforms in the form of videos (a good giveaway is the "Sponsored" sign you see on the top left corner). With a video ad, you can customize your ad copy, and most importantly choose a customized thumbnail, set a budget, and decide on the audience you would like to serve your video to for when and how long, something that cannot be done on your Facebook personal profile.
Good news is Facebook has all the resources and FAQs to help you get started!

STEP 1) First things first, do you already have a Facebook Business Page for your realty business? If not, learn how to create a new online home for your business step by step here. Once you're done, celebrate by creating your 1st video post on your page by creating a post by clicking "Create" Photo/Video at the top of your Page's timeline. Follow the instructions and publish!

STEP 2) Once you're done with your 1st post, you would also need a Facebook Ad Manager account. Similarly, if you don't have one already, follow the instructions to create one step by step here. This requires you to set up credit card payment methods for your ads and allows you to configure settings such as account spending limits etc.

STEP 3) With above done, you're all ready to start your first video campaign! The easiest way is to make a video ad is to click the tempting blue button "Boost Post" at the bottom right corner of you 1st post, but our recommendations is never to take this enticing shortcut as it can waste your money without bringing in any desired results!
a) Create Campaign
Instead, navigate to your Facebook Ad manager at  the top of your page to create an ad by following the instructions step by step here. Create a new Campaign by using Guided Creation, and choose “Engagement" as your objective in order to get more people to see and engage with your post or Page to keep things simple for a start. (You can explore other objectives to meet your needs as you become more advanced). Follow the instructions to set a daily budget.
b) Create Ad Set
At Ad set level next, you can define your Audience. Choose a location to target (Psst... secret tip if you're marketing a property in a certain district: Click "Add locations in bulk", choose location type "Postal Codes", Default Country "Singapore", postal code number eg. 23 for Orchard to match location), as well as detailed targeting based on demographics eg. "Newly Married", interests eg. "Property", etc, ad placements, budget, and schedule so on and so forth. 

c) Choose Ad Creative
Finally, you get to choose your ad creative before you publish, which can be the video you have already published on your Facebook Page! Make sure that you have an engaging video description, attractive video thumbnail (tip: design and upload a customized thumbnail rather than using the default auto-generated thumbnail), confirm and you're ready to run your 1st video ad campaign once Facebook reviews and approves the ad!
Of course, what we've shared above is just a beginner's guide to create your 1st Facebook Property Video Marketing Campaign to leverage on video to build your own real estate branding. There are many more parameters that you can play around in Ad Manager to improve plus optimize your ads so that your videos not only get seen by your intended target audience, but they also become engaged and generate more leads for you!

Like most things, there's a learning curve and it takes a fair bit of experimenting to get better social media and marketing skill before you figure out what works best for you! Start with Facebook video ads to see what’s workable for your business! As practitioners of Facebook Video Marketing ourselves, AffinityMotions is always ready to share our own experience and give you tips on how to better your Real Estate Property Video Marketing. Get in touch with us for a chat to share more or have a no obligation discussion to make video marketing work for you, we're always open to having coffee!
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry. Contact us at +65 97242738, Whatsapp or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[3 Easy Videos Your Singapore Small Business Should Start Creating]]>Tue, 02 Apr 2019 13:40:12 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/3-easy-videos-your-singapore-small-business-should-start-creatingPicture
Amidst more established companies in the market, how does a small business just starting out make themselves stand out in the Singapore market? Even if you do not have a mega budget like your bigger competitors, there's no need to resort to gimmicks! With Singapore having one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world, the solution is pretty simple! In 2019, social media combined with mobile video marketing is going to have the biggest impact and ROI for your business. 

With the advancement in consumer technology, the cost of video production has gone down and become quite affordable. Gone are the days where you need to invest tens of thousands of dollars, just to hire a big budget production company to produce a 30 seconds commercial, only to have to fork out even more money to get it shown on TV! In this time and age, effective, high-quality online videos can still be produced with a tighter budget to be put up and marketed on social media, reaching out to your target audience at a more pocket-friendly budget!

With this idea in mind, there's no better time to invest time and money to reap better returns for your business and propel it forward through video marketing. Here are 3 easy videos that your business should start creating today!

​[Jia Bin Bak Kut Teh Founding Story]
1. Company Story Video
If your business idea has a compelling founding backstory, pique your audiences' interest by sharing your company's story through a video interview. Why did you start the company? What problem were you trying to solve? Were that any challenges getting it off the ground?

People generally don't like to be sold to. By sharing the human side of the company, it appeals to the emotions of your potential customers better, making a long lasting impression of your brand compared to a direct hard sell.
Your story shows your sincerity in providing your product or service and showcases your beliefs in what makes your business unique compared to other competitors out there. People like connecting with other people, if they can put familiar faces to your business, they’re likely to feel a stronger affinity to your brand than a faceless corporation.
2. Customer Testimonial Video
If you don't feel totally at ease facing the camera, you can start off with client testimonials. The rationale is the same, people will trust your business more by hearing stories about other people's genuine experience with your product or service.

Once you identify a very satisfied customer, try asking if they're game to do a video interview for you. This customer should ideally be of the same profile as your "dream" client, so that similar prospects can be attracted to your business. To let the interview sound as natural as possible, prepare your interviewee with an idea of the questions but over-rehearse or scripting their responses is a no-no, or the video may come across as too fake. A truly authentic video testimonial help build trust and confidence for your product and service in your viewers!
​[Jal Yoga Member Experience Testimonial]
​[Lock & Store Self Storage Provider]
 3. Product Video
The most straight forward video to do is a video of your product or service. What exactly is the product or service you are offering to your customers? Not only aim to showcase the best features but clearly highlight what problem it is trying to solve and explain how it is the solution to make their lives better.

With the creation of all 3 videos, your business will have a worthy arsenal to build a more credible business! Online video is the foundation to starting building your company reputation and branding, differentiating your product and services from competitors out there! Don't let lousy DIY videos affect your business branding!
AffinityMotions understand that shooting videos may be challenging, because you may not have the required expertise, equipment, time or a large budget to properly conceptualize, shoot and edit videos for your business's online presences. We eliminate the hassle by providing affordable and professional end-to-end conceptualization and high quality video production, which are ready for use on your business's website, blog, social media accounts, as well as for video marketing purposes. 
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry. Contact us at +65 97245231 /+65 97242738 or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[Video's Done, But How Do You Get It Seen?]]>Fri, 29 Mar 2019 07:36:12 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/videos-done-but-how-do-you-get-it-seenPicture
​So you've got your video already done up and ready to be presented to the world, that's exciting! Where do you post it? If it stays hidden in the comfort of your own computer or phone, no one's going to ever see it, and your video production efforts may go to naught!

2019, The Year Video Accounts For 80% Of Internet Traffic
We're in 2019, and this is the year Cisco had earlier predicted that video will account for over 80% of all Internet traffic! This report has since been updated to 82 percent by 2022! When it comes to being visible online, video content is without a doubt the most worthy way to grab attention and engage meaningfully with your target audiences anywhere and everywhere, with mobile video consumption continuing its relentless upward surge!

Where Do You Post? Youtube And Facebook Of Course!
Checking out the ranking of top popular sites in the world from Alexa, Similarweb or Moz, you will always find Youtube, and Facebook consistently among the top visited sites, not purely by visits alone, but also by the highest amount of time spent! This is a very good idea where you should start posting, in order to get your videos seen!

Let's make it so the more you invest in YouTube, the better deal YouTube gets for you."
Jason Calacanis, Technology Start-Ups Angel Investor 
Youtube Channel
For organic reach, it's a no brainer putting it up on Youtube, as the undisputed king of online video platform. Being owned by Google helps a lot when unsurprisingly, the majority of videos that show up during a search are from Youtube! Create your own personal channel and watch your subscriber grow if the video content you post are fresh and valuable!

Facebook Personal Profile & Business Page
Facebook has also been making an aggressive push to prioritise its video strategy in the form or Facebook Watch, as video content is the key to higher engagements and interactions compared to any other type of content on the platform. Instagram owned by Facebook is also moving in the same direction by supporting longer form content on IGTV! Post on your personal profiles to reach out to friends and family, but don't forget to also create a Facebook business page to start building your business brand too!
I see video as a mega trend, same order as mobile."
- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
So, to say it again, it’s now or never for you to hop onto the video bandwagon to market your brand, product, and services, or risk being lost among other laggards who have refused to move on with the times. The trend is your friend! To accelerate your growth further, it is imperative and inevitable that you may also have to set aside some marketing budget, especially if you're just starting out. Without initial followers of subscribers on your chosen platform, paid or sponsored ads on your videos must be used to target and reach out to your intended audiences, but that will be a topic for another day!

Wishing you all the best in 2019 with your video marketing efforts! As always, AffinityMotions will be glad to assist you if you don't know where to start making videos! Singapore Real Estate videos are our forte, but we help other businesses too! Drop us a message or contact us, we'll be happy to discuss!
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry. Contact us at +65 97245231 / +65 97242738 or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[What's Better For Property Video Marketing: Short-term Or Long-term Branding Results?]]>Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:56:25 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/whats-better-for-property-video-marketing-short-term-or-long-term-branding-resultsPicture
​As the trend for video marketing of property on social media is maturing and becoming more of the norm, we had the opportunity to talk to some clients recently, and an interesting topic about doing wackier videos to market property came up.

Of course, as a professional video production company, we'll be happy to oblige and take on more interesting out-of-the-box projects such as these (as more time and effort translate to higher fees). However, as part of our preliminary process, we had to probe a bit deeper and ask them the main objective for doing so. The reason they exclaimed was that because other agents are doing such videos, they felt immense pressure to follow suit, and we found this response rather unconvincing! Shouldn't the correct motive be to market houses better for their clients?

Live up to your potential instead of imitating someone else's."
- Martha Burgess.
Opportunity Cost
If more time and effort are required on their part to be featured in the video, isn't it at the expense of the client's time before houses can actually be put on the market? Don't forget that while you're busily involved in filming, the house could have already been sold and your opportunity cost could also be the next exclusive listing that you may have secured if your valuable time had been better spent following up with potential new leads!

Fear Of Losing Out
Without a doubt, one of the greatest fear of any property agent (or any salesman, self-employed or business owner) is losing out, and as real estate is by nature a very competitive industry, everyone tries to do whatever it takes (video marketing included) to outshine the competition! But the real question is, do these videos build your brand and help you serve your clients better in the longer term? 
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
If you think about that, you'll do things differently.” 

– Warren Buffett 
Short-Term Results or Long-Term Branding?
Sure, funny and wacky videos do attract short term attention and are good for a quick laugh or two for those who appreciate humor, but beyond this very niche audience, your client would probably prefer to have their home marketed using a more professional approach to reach the majority of target buyers. Would you prefer to bask in short term adoration, or rather be building a more sustainable long term professional branding for your services?

Don't Sacrifice Your Credibility
Although we're a video production company, our greatest joy is when we receive feedback and see that the videos we've helped clients created have helped them grow their brand and credibility among their current and potential new clientele. Professionally done videos are part of your branding portfolio and although comical videos may gather short-term attention, you probably do not want it as the branding for your business if you want future clients to take you seriously. 
Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you're not.
​The rest of it is just a lot of noise.” 

– Geoffrey Zakarian 
What Are You About?
The key takeaway is, don't forget the business you're really involved in, selling and buying real estate for your clients! In the midst of one-upmanship doing property video marketing, a timely reminder for you is not to lose track of this real objective to help your clients with their property matters, and not forcing yourself into a "fake" online persona to become the next instant "comic" celebrity! With video marketing here to stay, take heed that video f
ads come and go! Your genuine sincerity and credibility is what matters for your long term video branding! ​​
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry.  Contact us at +65 97245231 / +65 97242738or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[Get Better Long-Term Results With Property Video Marketing]]>Fri, 15 Feb 2019 07:32:58 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/get-better-long-term-results-with-property-video-marketing
​Have you seen any property videos on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube recently? Chances are, you've seen quite a few. Throwback to 2 years ago when you open up Facebook, there's probably few of such videos but it's already 2019, and the story is quite different now. Video Marketing has become much more prevalent in Real Estate!

Other than becoming better known in your industry, the early adopters of social media video marketing have seen an excellent payoff for their initial vision and hard work ie. i.e PropertyLimBrothers, Eric Yeo, Lorraine of Home Central, among some of our past clients. Most importantly, they've already built up a strong following among potential property buyers and sellers. 
The implicit value of doing engaging videos is that they capture attention while staying online forever. What most people misunderstand is that Video marketing is not merely used to sell just a specific listing, but leverage you can use to build your branding. If a potential client ever seen you on video, versus an agent who's totally unfamiliar, who do think they will approach when the time is ripe for them to sell or buy a sell a house?

It takes many stages before someone engages your service, it starts from awareness. The quality of presentation will ultimately influence their consideration i.e static image vs engaging video, amateur vs professionally produced content. The quality is a reflection of your branding and professionalism in the business.
If YOU are not a BRAND, you are a COMMODITY!
​- Philip Kotler, The Father Of Marketing
By this time, you would have seen other agents getting fantastic results from video marketing, but what's stopping you? Of course, there are certain reasons why you have not started yet. 

Barrier 1) Fear
Will I look stupid? What if there are Negative comments? I just don't know what to say! It's ok, those are all valid concern but if your inner critic is hindering your success, it has to go immediately! The first video is most difficult but it doesn't have to be perfect the first time. The old saying applies, "Practise makes Perfect."

Barrier 2) Copywriting
The appeal of the video is only as good as the script. To create engaging videos, time needs to be invested for every single listing to do proper research and draft out a script before filming can take place. Not any script with merely the facts, but an appealing one to make your listing stand out. 
Barrier 3) Equipment Cost and Overheads
How much does it cost to get started? If you like to get started yourself, expect an outlay of at least $10,000. A good camera body, wide angle plus zoom lenses, camera gimbal, camera slider, video lights, wireless mics, computer for editing. And most important lastly, someone skilled to film you and edit the video after! 

With the above in mind, look into your inner self, and if you decide to make video marketing work for you just as it has worked well for others, feel the fear and do it anyway! Barrier No. 2 and 3 can easily be overcome by outsourcing the work at an affordable cost. Besides, as neither a Copywriter or Videographer, what is worth more? 

As a property agent, your valuable time is money! It may make more sense to outsource your scriptwriting, filming and editing to a video production company instead, while you spend time focusing on what matters more for your business, such as following up on leads and closing sales!

Let's say you've gotten past the above initial issues and done up a video already. There may still be other considerations.

4. Digital Marketing Expertise and Cost
Where and how to post? Facebook Personal Page or Business Page? How about Instagram or Youtube? A budget has to be set aside to start running ads on social media(still relatively cheap), with the correct know-how to target the right audience effectively. For Real Estate, Average CTR of 0.99%, Average CPC of $1.81, 10.68% conversion rate, check out more statistics at Wordstream to have an idea of the performance you can expect on Facebook! With so many applicable Skillsfuture courses both online and offline available, you can even learn to become a digital marketing ninja for free or on the cheap!

5. Poor Initial Response and Conversions
People look for fast results, but these are usually short term. With video marketing and branding It takes time to build up a following, especially when first starting out. You might not get immediate results online and give up on video marketing too prematurely especially when face to face meetings seem to be getting better results. However, don't forget that your offline results can be attributed to brand recognition through your online video marketing efforts. What you really want is consistent long term results that video branding can pay-off for you eventually!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.
​- Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein once defined insanity as "Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” In this New Year, if you want better results, embrace the new property video marketing trend. A great opportunity is here for you to get better longer-term results with Video Marketing!
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry.  Contact us at +65 97245231 / +65 97242738 or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[Throwing Out The Old, Ringing In The New Year 2019]]>Tue, 22 Jan 2019 04:46:21 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/throwing-out-the-old-ringing-in-the-new-year-2019Picture
In the blink of an eye, we are halfway through January of the New Year 2019, yet at the same time, counting down the last few days to send off the Year of the Dog. In this special moment in time where Old meets New, it is the perfect season for Spring Cleaning - what are some things to send off with the old year, and what will you welcome to ring in the new year? 

Singapore has also announced 2019 as the Year Of Zero Waste, to start its journey towards better use of resources to save Planet Earth. So let us consider what are things we can throw out and bring in without generating more waste. 

What Are Some Things To Throw Out With The Old Year? 

1) Old Fears - Maybe the same little voice pops up year after year, telling you what makes you feel small and holds you back. It’s time to face off with the old fears, pick up a broom to sweep them away. Who know's? You may see yourself in new light after this!

2) Physical Clutter - Tidying expert Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her life-changing, decluttering advice - “Ask yourself if it sparks joy” . While it may not be necessary to throw out 3/4 of your wardrobe, going through this process of tidying your belongings and self-questioning, may well bring new inspirations to your life. At the least, it may help you find some things to sell on Carousell and earn yourself an ang-pow!

3) Old Sales Targets - In busy Singapore, sales targets and numbers often define people's lives and business. But going one step further to consider the real value of your business in helping people can bring you new joy beyond numbers.  

What Are Some Things To Welcome Into The New Year?

1) New Shoes - Maybe it’s time to get a new pair of shoes. It helps you to do more walking, observe what has changed in neighbourhoods, and make new relationships. With your active lifestyle as a property agent, walk your way to good health and good relationships, and clock in a free fitness tracker and some rewards with the HPB National Steps Challenge Season 4.
2) New Eyes - Marcel Proust, a French writer in the 19th century, once said “The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” In the new year, taking on new angles and fresh perspectives can be a way to refresh your observations and ways of thinking.  

3) New Vocabulary - Do you find yourself often using the same words and talking about the same things? Perhaps it is time to think of a new way to say something? Or let Affinity Motions help you find new ways of presenting to your old clients or reach out to potential new clients through video. 

We leave you with these good thoughts as we prepare to usher in the new Lunar New Year, and wish you a joyful and prosperous 2019 ahead!
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AffinityMotions is in the business of producing professional and personalized videos with a key focus in the real estate industry.  Contact us at +65 97245231 / ​+65 97242738 or email hello@affinitymotions.com.sg to start creating videos today!
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<![CDATA[Don't let FEAR stop you from using Effective Video Marketing!]]>Fri, 14 Sep 2018 13:32:32 GMThttp://affinitymotions.com.sg/video-news/dont-let-fear-stop-you-from-using-effective-video-marketing
Have you already gone through every class that extolls the benefits of marketing online, trying every method including SEM, SEO, social media marketing, but yet not achieveing satisfactory results? 

Or are you an early adopter and have already seen the benefits of digital marketing but seems to be experiencing a diminishing margin of returns despite pumping in more money. Sounds familiar? 

Take your online marketing to the next level by using the most effective medium, VIDEO!
The Number One Reason Why You Are Not Using Video
We're sure you have heard of its effectiveness and have already seen your peers, colleagues, and competitors doing it and reaping its benefits, but yet you are still hesitant about doing it. We feel you, FEAR is the number one obstacle to doing video and you have many concerns... 
1) Will I look stupid? 

2) What if my expression, clothing, hair or make-up doesn't look right?

3) I don't know what to SAY!

4) Will people make bad judgments about me and give me Negative comments?

Sure, these are all valid concerns but this is your inner critic stopping you from achieving better results in marketing your business and services!
People Like The Real You
The TRUTH is, the majority of people prefer authenticity and sincerity! You don't need to cultivate a “fake” version of yourself or try to be overly polished so that people can see and get to know the real you on video! In fact, trying too hard can be a real turn off if you know what I mean. 

In fact, acknowledge that your first few videos may not be all that great and once you accept that reality, get started! Our experience is that being on camera can get better over time the more that you do videos, with consistency being the key to your video marketing success!
Show Customers Your True Value
So, don't limit yourself from using video! Show your true value to customers and start building real trusting connections with them via video marketing and you may see your digital marketing efforts skyrocket through the use of this very effective medium!  ​
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